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There are currently no updates scheduled.

Recent Updates

Duel & Gym Rework

- 01/12/2021

The duel system has been completely rewritten to allow for many new additions in future updates, such as for abilities, double battles, Z-moves, etc.

As a result of this, many things now work slightly differently. Some of the following major changes include:

Gyms are now generally harder, having the following filters in place for challengers at all times: --one-mega --commons --distinct-species --sleep-clause --evasion-clause.

For practice duels, and getting your daily shard, challenge the AI instead using p!duel AI.

UI Update

- 01/12/2021

Many features have now been migrated to work with buttons, including but not limited to: confirmations, pagination, dueling, auction/market info buttons, pokemon/market recording, quest search/spawn, settings, and channel/server config.

Suggestion-based [part 2]

- 31/10/2021

Tons more suggestions implemented, including the addition of shiny pity and tons of improvements to existing features.

Duel Items

- 21/06/2021

Almost 100% of duel-related items have now been fully implemented! The only ones not implemented are ones specific to a single pokemon, and the Leppa Berry which will be added soon.

To buy an item, just use p!buy <item> and it will automatically be equipped to your selected pokemon and able to be used in duels.

Custom Filters

- 03/05/2021

Ever get tired of writing the same filters over and over again? Custom filters are here for you! Create a filter using p!filter create <filter name> <filters>, and reference it using p!pk --filter <filter name>.

Suggestion-based [part 1]

- 10/04/2021

Tons of suggestions, from as far back as July 2020, have been implemented. New commands include p!redirect add/remove> and p!compare.

Bulk Trading

- 07/03/2021

Pokemon can now be added to trade using filters rather than having to get all numbers. Use p!p add --filters (while in trade) to do so.

Example usage: p!p add --name milcery --not fav.

Quests, Berries & Friendship

- 02/03/2021

Sending a pokemon away on a quest will allow it to walk along with you, gaining power to use various quest-related features. Berries have been added as re-useable duel items, along with all related effects. Friendship has also been added as a mechanic.

Duel Filters

- 02/02/2021

Added more support for automated tourneys, as well as duel formats and clauses.

Move Effects - complete

- 27/01/2021

Every move now has its effects, except for those fully reliant on berries or abilities.

Player-based Features

- 30/11/2020

This update was focused on player-based QoL improvements and additions. Some additions include p!vote rewards and p!settings for player settings.

Crown Tundra

- 23/10/2020 & 11/10/2020

Crown Tundra was released as DLC to Pokemon Sw/Sh today, and with it came 11 new pokemon. All 11 of these pokemon have now been added, and are fully available.

Move Effects - partial

- 01/10/2020

54% of moves now have their effects as opposed to 9% pre-update. A small list of some of the overarching effects can be seen below.