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Upcoming Updates

Admin commands are currently either inconsistent or outright broken across prefix and slash commands, and are currently being re-designed.

ETA: 16/10/2022

Recent Updates

Daily/Monthly Tasks Update

- 10/07/2022

The daily commands have been re-designed with an improved challenge/reward system, and a monthly system is here too!

View information on the current month's tasks using /monthly show.

Slash Command Migration

- 09/25/2022

All commands have now been migrated to slash commands!

Standard commands can still be used everywhere using a bot mention (same as before this update). Generally the usage should be identical for all of these commands.

Slash commands should generally be fairly intuitive. Please ask in the OS (#questions-and-help) if you are stuck finding a command.

Server Boost Rework

- 06/20/2022

Boosting the official server has been reworked! Boosters will now receive a Redeem once every 14 days, rather than once every 30, and will also receive a flat 20% shiny boost for the server while boosting. Neither of these effects stack for multiple boosts.

This same reward system is also applied to all official community servers, so share the love in those too!

UI Update II

- 05/28/2022

Many more features have now been implemented using buttons and drop-downs, including for pagination and command switching.

Item Filters

- 05/08/2022

Filters for items have been re-designed to be more inline with Pokémon and move filters.

Super Lure Modules

- 04/17/2022

Want to simulate the feel of a big server from anywhere?

Super Lure Modules spawn Pokémon back-to-back, at most once every 3 seconds, for 30 minutes.

Obtain the new Super Lure Module by merging 4 standard Lure Modules with p!lure merge. You now also receive 4 Lure Modules per Redeem from p!redeem lure (previously 3), and can also use p!redeem super lure for the new Super Lure Module.

The super-lures setting must be enabled in a server/channel to use one.

Hisuian Pokémon

- 03/31/2022

Hisuian Pokémon can now be caught as normal. Check out the new additions using p!dex --hisui!

Duel & Gym Rework

- 01/12/2021

The duel system has been completely rewritten to allow for many new additions in future updates, such as for abilities, double battles, Z-moves, etc.

As a result of this, many things now work slightly differently. Some of the following major changes include:

Gyms are now generally harder, having the following filters in place for challengers at all times: --one-mega --commons --distinct-species --sleep-clause --evasion-clause.

For practice duels, and getting your daily shard, challenge the AI instead using p!duel AI.

UI Update

- 01/12/2021

Many features have now been migrated to work with buttons, including but not limited to: confirmations, pagination, dueling, auction/market info buttons, pokemon/market recording, quest search/spawn, settings, and channel/server config.

Suggestion-based [part 2]

- 31/10/2021

Tons more suggestions implemented, including the addition of shiny pity and tons of improvements to existing features.

Duel Items

- 21/06/2021

Almost 100% of duel-related items have now been fully implemented! The only ones not implemented are ones specific to a single Pokémon, and the Leppa Berry which will be added soon.

To buy an item, just use p!buy <item> and it will automatically be equipped to your selected Pokémon and able to be used in duels.

Custom Filters

- 03/05/2021

Ever get tired of writing the same filters over and over again? Custom filters are here for you! Create a filter using p!filter create <filter name> <filters>, and reference it using p!pk --filter <filter name>.

Suggestion-based [part 1]

- 10/04/2021

Tons of suggestions, from as far back as July 2020, have been implemented. New commands include p!redirect add/remove> and p!compare.

Bulk Trading

- 07/03/2021

Pokémon can now be added to trade using filters rather than having to get all numbers. Use p!p add --filters (while in trade) to do so.

Example usage: p!p add --name milcery --not fav.

Quests, Berries & Friendship

- 02/03/2021

Sending a Pokémon away on a quest will allow it to walk along with you, gaining power to use various quest-related features. Berries have been added as re-useable duel items, along with all related effects. Friendship has also been added as a mechanic.

Duel Filters

- 02/02/2021

Added more support for automated tourneys, as well as duel formats and clauses.

Move Effects - complete

- 27/01/2021

Every move now has its effects, except for those fully reliant on berries or abilities.

Player-based Features

- 30/11/2020

This update was focused on player-based QoL improvements and additions. Some additions include p!vote rewards and p!settings for player settings.

Crown Tundra

- 23/10/2020 & 11/10/2020

Crown Tundra was released as DLC to Pokémon Sw/Sh today, and with it came 11 new Pokémon. All 11 of these Pokémon have now been added, and are fully available.

Move Effects - partial

- 01/10/2020

54% of moves now have their effects as opposed to 9% pre-update. A small list of some of the overarching effects can be seen below.