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Why aren't pokemon spawning in my server?

Pokemon spawn as you chat, and so without chatting nothing will spawn.

If you are chatting, make sure to check p!config, this will tell you if you have spawns or all disabled, or if you have redirects enabled.

If spawns are disabled, simply ask an admin to use p!enable spawns to re-enable them.

How do I earn credits?

There are lots of ways to earn credits. Most notably, credits are given from the following:

You may also earn credits from selling pokemon to other players through the market, auction or trading systems.

How do I add pokemon to my team and 4v4 someone?

To add pokemon to your team, use p!team add <nums>, with a maximum of 4 pokemon per team.

To team duel someone, or a gym, type p!team ready, which locks your team. Then, you can type p!duel <user> or p!duel gym.

To unlock your team, type p!team unlock. Your team is automatically unlocked after you win or lose a duel.

What are eggs and how do I get them?

Similar to pokemon, eggs spawn randomly and can be caught using p!catch egg.

Once caught, they will appear in your eggventory, shown with p!eggs. There, you can select an egg using p!select egg <slot 1-20>.

Once hatched, hatched pokemon can be found using p!pokemon --hatched.

How do I change the form of my pokemon?

Lots of pokemon have various forms, to view forms of a pokemon see p!forms <pokemon name>.

For pokemon requiring a form item, you can check p!iteminfo <item name> to see when it will be available next in the shop.

If you have the item needed, use p!form <form name> while the pokemon is selected. For information on fusions, see p!help fuse.

How do I get Ash Greninja and other event pokemon?

Past event pokemon, such as Ash Greninja, will not be made available again in the future. More events are scheduled to occur in the near future, however.

When events are in progress, they will broadcasted in the official server and can be seen using p!event.

What is a 'duel' pokemon?

A 'duel' pokemon is generally any pokemon that is viable to be used in duels, usually based mostly on its IV spread. This term is quite subjective.

In general, a duel pokemon should have 27+ IVs in speed, and 25+ IVs of its needed attack - but it's best for the pokemon to also have high HP and defense IVs.

What are lures and how do I get them?

Lure Modules are given on every 7th daily reward (given using p!daily claim). Lures spawn pokemon continuously for 30 minutes without any chatting needed. To use a lure, use p!lure use.

What are redeems and how do I get them?

Redeems are a premium currency given out in events and for donations. With a redeem, you can generate any pokemon spawn of your choice using p!redeem spawn <pokemon name> or 50,000 credits using p!recycle redeem.

What are shards and how do I get them?

Shards are a second currency used mostly to buy form items and teach tutor moves. Shards are given for your 1st 4v4 win, vs any gym, of each day. You can also recycle shards for 1,000 credits each using p!recycle shard.

What is caching?

Caching is when data is fetched from the database and temporarily stored locally so that information can be accessed quicker. In order to do complex filters, the bot must first cache your pokemon.

If you see a ? when you use p!info then it is because you aren't cached, and the bot doesn't yet know how many pokemon you have.

Caches are cleared after 6 hours of inactivity in order to save memory.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

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